18 months – can you believe it?

Little Prince climbed up here all by himself!

Little Prince climbed up here all by himself!

Just wow. My baby is a year and a half old. Fabulousness.

My little guy is so fantastic and we are thrilled with the little man he is becoming. I am seriously smitten – can you tell?

I continue to be amazed at the most mundane accomplishments. You know that your friend’s kids grow up and start talking, walking, and developing but when you see your own little bundle of joy transition from an adorable little blob to a little person who has preferences and, personality and actually *does* stuff it is a miracle every day. Everything he does is astonishing – from feeding himself oatmeal to putting garbage in the trash can. It is so ridiculously awesome.


Max is a little bundle of energy.  That’s nothing new. What is new is how quickly he moves. He is running now. Yeah. It is awesome and terrifying at the same time.

IMG_6271Max’s favorite activities currently include reading, helping, and general mischief. Balls are his favorite toys and bubbles are a close second. Anything that isn’t a toy is one. Kitchen utensils and just about anything that he shouldn’t have is a toy.

He still loves books. He has a few favorites that he loves which the Knight and I can mostly recite from memory. This includes two books his Aunt Es and Uncle Dude gave him for Christmas (My Favorite Things and the Peekabo book) as well as Dr. Seuss titles.

As for helping, Max wants to do everything we do. He is involved in whatever we’re doing from making a fire to getting dressed. He loves to help clean. I could see how some might not find this endearing but I love it. Yes, it makes things harder and getting out the door can take forever, but it is so ridiculously cute.

Max is an outdoor boy and will grab his coat and bring it to you and tell you he wants to go out. It doesn’t matter if it is dark out or he is in his pajamas. He loves to be outside.


20140212-213307.jpg 20140212-213246.jpg

We knew it was coming and it is here. Max’s stubbornness/determination has arrived. He is also big on order. None of this really comes as a surprise. He likes things to be where they belong and for everyone to follow proper procedures. His daycare teacher told us that Max has become the class informant and reports on his classmates. Yes, he is a tattle tale. Oops. Ms. Claire says it is actually helpful. Haha!

Along those lines, Max will shut containers, doors or anything which he thinks belongs closed.  He loves putting stuff away and is delighted to oblige a request to put something in the trash. He does not like it if you do things out of order or mess with a system. The other night I went to wash his hair and put the shampoo in my hand instead of in the washcloth as I usually do. Max let me know that was not how we do it. He didn’t get too upset but he did let me know he noticed.

Where he does get upset is with getting dressed. It must be a control thing. Either that or he just doesn’t like some of his clothes for some reason. Getting dressed in the morning can be a big battle. He gets very upset and seriously protests certain articles of clothing. It is heartbreaking how upset he gets. We just try to work with him and sometimes just let him pick his shirts. It seems early to me for this kind of thing but friends say it is normal for this age.

On a happier note, in general Max is a fun, playful and affectionate little dude. He smiles most of the time and is a little clown. He loves to do things to make us laugh. He loves to play chase, mostly when it is time to do something he doesn’t want to do. In other words, when it is time to put on his coat he thinks is hilarious if he runs and I chase him. I’ve tried to cut down on this by not chasing him but then I’m just standing by the stairs like a dummy waiting for Max to come back. He thinks it is hilarious. I see the humor, but….

As you can imagine, Max is very good following instructions (other than in situations like above). He will carefully pay attention and then retrieve the cat food dish you requested or put away his books. He loves to be involved and be part of the action. We give him lots of praise when he listens well.


Max continues to be a good eater, though he is still getting pickier. I follow the saying that it is our job to give him healthy options and it is his job to eat them. He still eats a pretty wide variety of foods. I still find it absolutely fascinating to watch him eat. He has gotten really good at using utensils and seems to really enjoy the reaction he gets from doing so. His morning oatmeal has gotten much less messy and he manages to get most of it in his mouth.



We have made some process in the weaning process. We’ve dropped all but the before bed (and weekend before nap) nursing sessions. As I write this I realize that I’m weaning because I feel like other people expect me to – not because I necessarily want to or think I should. In any case, I don’t think the benefit of the morning nursing session was worth the cost – which was the time it took to do it. I am certain it was more for comfort at this point and during the Knight’s last trip we really needed that extra time in the morning. There was a little protest but nothing that a little distraction didn’t take care of.


Max is talking up a storm. Most of it is unintelligible but he actually has many clear (to us) words now. I would estimate he has about 20 + words. Some of them are clearer than others. Mama is the most used word which is used for just about everything and is often expressed with urgency.

When he wants something he will sometimes say “more” which sounds a lot like “ma.” I will ask him if he wants more and he nods yes or says “da” because apparently we speak Russian in our house. Then I suggest he say “more peas please”  and then he will say “ma ppppe” and sign please. I will then say something like “Say ‘May I please have more peas’ ” to which I will get a whole bunch of sounds that are probably Max’s very special version of whatever I just said. So, we’re working on it. He gets the idea of repeating but just hasn’t formed the words yet.

As far as we can tell, Max is right where he should be. I think the Knight believes he is a little genius. I’ve heard him say he is scary smart. I think he is amazing but from what I can tell he is just a normal, wonderful, bright 18 month old who has both of his parents head over heels for him. We are so very thrilled to be his parents. I don’t want time to keep flying. Before we know he is going to be one of those teenagers that wants nothing to do with his uncool parents. Now, if I lay down on the floor, Max will climb up on top of me and give me kisses. I never want that to stop!


Hanging out in the closet in his sporty clothes




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