Tonight I am feeling the need to express some gratitude. Facebook just didn’t seem like the right place so I am writing here. You know, on my equally or more public blog.

Listing my good fortune is a regular habit for me. I don’t know how it started but whenever a negative emotion hits me I automatically start listing all of the things I have to be grateful for. It is overwhelming, actually. I mean, if you real get down to the basics, how about breathing, running water, electricity. Then there’s freedom, love, my abilities, etc. I could seriously list about 1000 things without a bit of effort.

Well, it has been a hard week. The a Knight is away and the stress of the past two weeks has taken a serious toll on me and apparently, my immune system. Not only did my period come over a full week early (TMI, sorry) but I developed the beginnings of a head cold shortly after my long run Saturday morning and then a stomach bug hit me some time yesterday. Fortunately I am successfully winning the fight against both things but let me tell you, solo parenting while sick is the pits!

That’s a lot of complaining for a gratitude post, I know. So here is what I am especially thankful for tonight:

1. My solo parenting is short-term – and voluntary.
2. The Knight will be home Saturday (or in 3 sleeps, as we would explain to the little Prince).
3. My immune system is pretty awesome. Not only have I not succumb to the full sickness that could have gotten me (my sister has the full-blown stomach thing) but also I don’t ordinarily get sick.
4. I have a job that provides me sick leave – and the ability to use it. I don’t have to worry about not being able to pay my bills when I get ill. I also feel free to use my sick leave when I need it.
5. Daycare. For the first time today I took Max to daycare and then came home and slept. Blessing!
6. The little prince is healthy. My biggest wish right now is that he not feel even a bit of what I have felt this week.
7. Support. I haven’t needed to call in reinforcements but I know that they’re out there if needed. Thank you, friends!

I am already on the mend. I had six tortellini and some applesauce for dinner tonight. Progress.

Think healthy thoughts and be grateful everyday!


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