It’s Thursday!

  1. Having an extra stressful week here.
  2. Trying to maintain my perspective and focus on the positive.
  3. There are LOTS of positives!
  4. I utilized my office building stairwell as a gym this morning. Climbed lots of stairs. It helped.
  5. Want to hear what really helped? I went to our staff meeting, where one of my coworkers brought rice krispie treats. I started reminiscing about having rice krispie treats in my special needs bag at Ironman. As some of you may recall, when I got to my bike special needs at IM Florida 2009 I told the volunteer that I wasn’t going to make it. I was behind my goal time and it wasn’t looking good for me to make the cutoff. But I persevered and you all know that I made the cutoff (by only 7 minutes, but wow, 7 minutes to spare.) It was a nice out of the blue reminder that I can bounce back and I am strong.
  6. I’ve been using Blue Apron occasionally over the past month. It is a service that sends you ingredients and recipes for meals you cook yourself at home. Overall I am very pleased with it. This week we’ve made two meals. One was stellar and one was just not for me. I couldn’t get the smell of it out of my nose for hours. Has that ever happened to you?
  7. The Knight leaves tomorrow. I’m bracing myself. It is only 8 days. Right?
  8. Last night was the first night in a long time where the Knight wasn’t home for the Prince’s bedtime (he went out with his buddies for a rare guys’ night). The Prince has gotten in the habit of having his daddy put him to bed (after mommy time, of course). It was a disaster. It took close to an hour and a lot of tears to get him to sleep. Hopefully the worst is over and future bedtimes will be easier. Cross your fingers, please.
  9. I am totally over winter! I know you know what I mean.
  10. I do love fires, though. There is at least one great thing about winter.
  11. Since last week I have attacked a few of those pesky to-do list items. I am making progress.
  12. I have made 34 posts to my MaxMemories blog so far! It has become a really fun project. I just wish I had started sooner. I highly recommend starting a project like this. Just start a blog, word document, jar or whatever where you post one memorable moment or thought per day. It is easy and so worthwhile.
  13. I have tried to respond to all comments recently. You can check the box for notification of follow-up comments

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