Max Update – January 2014 – Part II

I disappear for a few months and now I am back with long posts. Here is the second part of my overdue update.

New stuff:

-Speech and Other Development-

Although I tried really hard to be laid back about speech development, there was a part of me that was a little concerned that Max wasn’t saying many words while it appeared that his peers were. Like so many other parenting concerns, practically overnight it all seemed to fall into place. Max now has a ton of words, though many of them sound the same (baby, bubbles, bacon and bread are indistiguisable without context). Nah is the word for No. Hot is so cute, because it usually is accompanied by putting his palm to his mouth.

The funniest (and my favorite) thing is Mama. I call him my little Italian, because he often emphasizes the second syllable and says Mamá. It is especially amusing when he is pleading for something: Mamá, Mamá, Mamá. So stinkin’ cute! Other frequently used words are book, cat, pepper (the cat’s name), and Dada.

He still signs a lot. He mostly says eat, drink, grapes (see above), please and the occasional thank you.


max trailer dec 13

First Team Bike Ride

He has become very stable on his feet and is so fast he is practically running. We are very thankful for our fitness these days. Peek-a-boo remains a favorite game, but at a new level that involves any prop he can get his hands on.

We’ve been doing a lot of fun activities lately including indoor play areas, museums, and things like that. We are all happier when we get out and do stuff.

max reading 11-13

Books, books, books!

Another recent development is that Max has become a book lover. It used to be a huge challenge to read to him. He wouldn’t stop moving. Well, then “Mr. Brown Can Moo” came along. It is a Dr. Seuss book and it totally captured his interest. Now the challenge is limiting the number of books we read. He loves to read!


max providence pool

Before swim class – November 2013

Max started swim lessons this fall. It was really more of a water acquaintance class than a lesson. I can’t say I was thrilled with it overall, and Max definitely wasn’t. He averaged about 60/40 between tolerating it and hating it. We’ve taken him to the pool ourselves a few times. I will swim (yes, voluntarily) in the slow lane while Oli walks with Max along side of me. After 30 minutes I take Max out and we shower and get ready while Oli gets his laps in. The whole process is pretty exhausting for all of us but it is worth the effort.

-Good Habits-

So, I’m going to try to avoid labeling my kid, but this little cutie has some serious organized tendencies. We love it and find it adorable. I posted on facebook about his compulsion to sometimes put things away. He likes things to be where they belong, though obviously it doesn’t always apply. Nevertheless, he will let us know if a door should be closed (the baby gate, the microwave door, etc.) if he can’t close it himself (he loves closing the refrigerator door). He will help us unload the dishwasher – we’ve only lost one plate so far.

max cooking 11-13He is very good about following instructions most of the time. He will put his books/toys back when asked, though sometimes the books get close to the shelf rather than on it. He will help put away his toys when asked. It is so cute to see. I know this might be short-lived but we are appreciating it while we can.

His level of understanding is astounding. I’m not saying he is any more intelligent than any other 16 month old. It is just that as a first-time mom I didn’t expect to have this level of interaction at this early age. It is such a blast to see!

That’s the very long Max update. I really wish I could freeze – or at least slow down – time. I love this age. I cherish our time together and want to remember every wonderful moment and development. He is my little sweetpea!

max family shot 12-13

Holidays 2013


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