My baby is one!

Wow, you guys. I really can’t believe it. I have a ONE year old!


As I write this my heart is so full. This little boy has totally stolen my heart. My mom just visited us for the first time. As grandmas ought to, she constantly declared that Max is the most [insert positive adjective here] baby ever. I couldn’t help but agree – as all moms should. Really, though, I don’t care how he compares to any other baby. I think this kid is so darn amazing!



We have quite the little walker on our hands. About a week before his first birthday he started taking more and more steps and by his birthday he was totally trekking all over the house. Every ten steps or so he loses his balance, and he tends to walk like a drunk sailor sometimes, but let me tell you: it is so freakin cute!

He babbles a lot, and the mamama and dadada sounds happen a lot. Every now and then the coincide with the appearance of mom or dad. I am still not declaring the issuance of the little monkey’s first words. I’m waiting until I am totally sure that he intended to identify one of us or whatever is his first true word. I’ll keep you posted. For now, his babbling is extremely entertaining. We were out running the other night (squeezing in a short better-than-nothing 20 minute run after a hard day at work) and he babbled loudly the entire time. He was so loud that people looked over to see the source of the noise when we were a house or so away. I’d like to think he was just greeting the neighbors and announcing how proud he was of his mommy for getting it done.

Eating and Breastfeeding

I am happy to share that as of a few days ago, the pump and I are no more. Kaput. We broke up. Hooray. Had I not had a work trip earlier in the week, I wouldn’t have pumped at all this week. However, it occurred to me at the last minute that I needed to bring the pump because I was not in a position to cease feeding and pumping suddenly when I was going to be away from the little guy for 48 hours. Anyhow, the trip was a huge success work wise – and I pumped for the final time in the lactation room at the Indianapolis airport Tuesday evening. Who knew they had such a thing? [FYI, for those who aren’t familiar, you shouldn’t stop breastfeeding suddenly as you can suffer from a number of problems aside from being very uncomfortable.]

From this point forward my intent is to feed Max when we’re together, and gradually go through my freezer stash of breastmilk for him during the week.

Oh, and here’s some big news: Max appears to have outgrown his soy and dairy allergies. Woooooo hooooo! It’s pretty darn amazing. I gradually reintroduced dairy into my diet and he was fine. Then I introduced dairy into his diet and he was congested. However, I was also congested and it looks like we both had a cold. And then a bunch of other stuff happened. At this point, however, it appears that we are both perfectly fine. Hoooooray!

So, after we go through the freezer stash we will figure out what’s next. (Side note: as someone who majorly stressed about my supply all year, I somehow managed to amass a pretty nice stash of milk somehow. Miracle!) There really is no need for a toddler to have milk. If you can give them enough protein and calcium from other sources milk is not really necessary. So we will figure it out as we go.

As for appetite, Max has good days and bad days. He is still pretty adventurous but getting him to eat has been a lot trickier lately. I blame part of this on the revised breastfeeding situation. Now that I’m not pumping before I come home from work, I think I have a lot more milk when I get home. I feed him when I get home and then I think he is less hungry for dinner. Part of me thinks the easy solution is to not feed him until after dinner. However, given that breastmilk is great nutrition, I’m inclined to continue the routine. Also, this kid is all about getting his mommy milk, and he will start doing the baby sign for milk as soon as I pick him up.

By the way, remember a couple of months ago how I thought it was cute that he would discard food and drop it off the side of his high chair. Yup, no longer cute. Actually, it can be really irritating. I am still able to see the humor but now we are working hard on correcting this behavior.

Sleep and stuff

I wish I could say that sleep continues to go great, but we had a major bump in the road on this front. Max actually did great while we were on vacation. Apart from some rough times in the car, which are to be expected, Max generally slept well in the three different hotels we stayed in during Ironman travel. However, a few days after returning home the train went off the tracks. As it turns out, Max had/has two upper teeth coming in and his cold led to an ear infection. Poor sweetie! Max woke up in the middle of the night 6 out of 8 nights. Ugh! I don’t want to jinx it, but the past two nights have been better so hopefully we’re back on track.

Other stuff

Max’s thing now is to shake his head no. Sometimes it appears he really means no, and other times it is just because. It is pretty funny. This is another thing that I am certain will get less cute as it continues. We are trying to teach him to nod yes instead. Yeah, good luck with that one, right?

A cute thing happened when we were in Lake Placid. I was lying with him in the bed in the morning and my stomach was exposed. He leaned down and put his face on my belly and I felt something. The Knight observed “He just gave you a raspberry.” I wasn’t convinced until he crawled back and did it again. I give him raspberries all the time. This was an awesome moment!

Max’s favorite pastime is presently emptying things. Drawers, purses, bins, you name it. I wish I understood the allure. The other day I took a series of pictures of this. There is stuff everywhere. Constantly. Such is life with a toddler, I suppose. I have to let go of my ummm, neat tendencies and just roll with it.

Well, that it it for now. I have to say while this might have been one of the toughest years it was also one of the best. I love that little guy more than I dreamed possible.

Such a little man!

This was right after Max put his birthday candle out with his hand.