Frequently Asked Questions

Here I am, 10+ months into motherhood, and there are a number of questions that come up regularly. Why not post the answers here?

Are you going to do another Ironman?

I don’t know. The rational side says no, or probably not. But every now and then I get the bug. I’ve made the analogy between childbirth/pregnancy and Ironman training before. The farther away from it you get the less you remember. Sometimes I think I want to do it again. Most of the time I just wonder how any parent could ever accomplish this.

Why did you do IVF?

I have always been very open about our IVF experience. Heck, I blogged about it. A lot of people ask me this (if they didn’t see the one brief explanation I posted once). Long story short (TMI warning), the Knight had a vasectomy 22 years ago. Yes, it can be reversed, but (a) the success rate is on the low side, especially given the number of years since the procedure; and (b) because of my (ahem) advanced age (I was 36 when we started, I’m 38 now) the urologist recommended we do IVF instead. The suggestion hit me like a ton of bricks. I was not prepared for that. I mean, the Knight had the problem. Why should I undergo painful, invasive treatments? Fortunately after a few months I got comfortable with the idea and we proceeded.

Is the Knight retired?

Many people remember my brief mention of a retirement party about two years ago. There’s retirement and there’s retirement. The Knight was a federal law enforcement officer (pilot, actually) and there is a mandatory retirement age. Kind of ironic, don’t you think, since he is now training for his second Ironman. But I guess he isn’t fit enough to stop bad guys.

So no, he is not retired. He works part time as a consultant (hence the travel). He also works once or twice per week at the local bike shop, but that’s just for fun (and the discount).

When will you have baby #2?

This is the hardest question. I don’t know if there will be another one. We don’t know. I think about this every single day. It has been a hard year. Well, two hard years. There are a lot of factors and we’re just not sure yet.

How long are you planning to breastfeed?

My goal is to make it to one year. If you know me, you know how I dig my teeth into a goal and don’t let go. So I’ve worked pretty hard to get to this point (10.5 months) and I can see the finish line. I plan to stop pumping at the 1 year mark (yay yay yay!!!!). I haven’t decided what to do after that. I think we will gradually wean from 12 to 15 months. Aside from there being health benefits to prolonged breastfeeding (the World Health Organization recommended breastfeeding until age 2), there is a huge emotional component that I didn’t anticipate. Breastfeeding is my mommy superpower. Not only does it calm him down when nothing else will, but it is a special quiet time for us. It is also a super convenient, portable feeding system.

Will Max outgrow his allergies?

Yes, most likely. The pediatricians estimate he will outgrow these issues between 1 and 3 years old. My mom thinks I was three when I outgrew my dairy allergy. I hope it is on the early side, but am hopeful that eventually he will get to enjoy the deliciosity that is ice cream.

When is your next race?

After doing two half marathons earlier this year, I have nothing on the calendar. My goal is getting the Knight to the Ironman Lake Placid starting line (well, finish line) at the end of July. After that, we’ll see. Silly as it is, my goal for the summer is to swim across the lake and back. It is about a fraction of the distance of an Ironman swim, but since I haven’t done much swimming in the past two years, it is a manageable, modest goal.

Any more questions? 🙂


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