Taking a few minutes this evening to breathe. I knew heading into June that it would be a busy month. I won’t even go into the details about how insanely crazy work is right now, other than to say it has been hard to maintain my balance lately.

The good thing is that when things get rough, it doesn’t take me long to conjure up happy and loving memories to keep me going. If nothing else, at the end of the day I get to come home to my sweet family, which is such a wonderful blessing.

Also, some big news is that I am now a grandmother. Yes, at 38. My stepson and his wife had a baby last week. Welcome Baby Noah! We are really thrilled! Max is an uncle!

Fortunately, it seems that it will be a couple of months before the Knight travels again. That’s a relief, as things are much less harried when he is around. I’ve been saying it is a blessing and a curse to have such a great partner.

10 Months

He's getting so big!

He’s getting so big!

Honestly, this mommying thing keeps getting better and better. I keep falling more and more in love with this little guy, who is a ton of fun right now.


  • Max is working on standing. He can let go of what he is holding and stand for a second or two. It is so exciting to witness.
  • He has started kneeling on one knee and acting like he is about to stand up. He can do it if he has something to hold. It is especially cute when he is kneeling and reaching to be picked up.
  • He is crawling incredibly fast. The sound of it is adorable when you hear him coming.


  • Eating has become entertaining and meal times are LONG because he keeps eating and eating. He will eat just about anything – except for broccoli. His preference is for flavorful foods. He prefers pasta with pesto (dairy free, of course) over plain).  He enjoys everything from spiced grilled salmon to asparagus (tips), and spicy chickpeas.  The more flavorful the better. His favorite foods are chicken and grapes.
  • He is great at feeding himself, but only by hand. The spoon is a disaster but I probably should let him practice more.
  • What has surprised me most at this age is how he can already differentiate among the foods on his plate (his highchair). If we put out peas, broccoli, toast, and chicken, he will pick out what he wants. If he picks up a piece of broccoli he with either put it back down or hold it out to the side and drop it on the floor. I know I shouldn’t find this funny but I do.  

Fun stuff

  • He continues to love sounds. He will bolt towards me in the bathroom if he hears the hairdryer, or the Knight in the kitchen if he hears the blender.
  • He has a great sense of humor. I just didn’t expect that at 10 months we would have so many giggles. He laughs so much and it is one the most heart-warming things to hear – especially when he is laughing so hard he has to catch his breath. He laughs at things we are doing or if he is having fun, and also if we do things he finds funny.


  • He hates road trips. I don’t blame him. We’re not really looking forward to the travel to Lake Placid, part II.
  • He has four teeth right now (two front teeth on the bottom and two on the top). We are pretty sure he is on working on more right now. He is drooling a ton and chewing on my finger whenever he can.

max teeth

  • Sleep. Ahhh. I know I am going to jinx it, but things are going well in this area. Over the past two weeks Max has slept through the night (at least 7 pm – 5:30) most nights. I feel like a new person. Not only am I more rested, but it has given me a little more time as I don’t rush as much to get to bed.
  • Max has a very interesting internal clock. If he wakes up at 5:20 one morning and I feed him, then he will wake up at 5:20 the next morning. If he isn’t fussing too much and I can get him to wait until 6:00, he will wake up at 6:00 the next morning.


  • Max loves bathtime (except for the 3 days where he screamed bloody murder)

    Max loves bathtime (except for the 3 days where he screamed bloody murder)

Life is good. It is challenging having an infant but I love it and I try to cherish every day. When I get frustrated that it takes me 10 minutes to change a diaper because he won’t stop moving I try to stop and appreciate how awesome it is that I have that struggle. My dreams came true. I have a wonderful husband, a healthy baby, and terrific family and friends.

Little devil. I just turned my head for a minute.

Little devil. I just turned my head for a minute.


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