All boy

I’ve heard people say that gender differences are innate. I have a coworker whose wife is an early childhood educator. They have three kids. When they were little they tried to give them all gender-neutral toys. When they gave their daughter a baby doll, she rocked it, fed it, and gave it love. Their son tied his doll to his bike and dragged it behind him. I love that story.

Little Max is all boy.  A mom recently posted on our breastfeeding listserve that her daughter freaks out when she starts the blender. She gets so upset. She has tried using it on the opposite side of the house but it is still too much noise for her. Meanwhile, Max literally bounces up and down with excitment when we start the Vitamix. He loves the loud noise of engines, motors and the vacuum. He thinks the pump is a cool toy, and tries to play with it. That is especially fun while I am using it.

We already do a little bit of wrestling. He doesn’t mind tumbling down a little and he giggles when you “tackle” him. He seems to enjoy hanging upside down and he is already climbing anything he can get to.

We have our hands full with this guy. And we couldn’t be happier.

Max and the Knight (March '13)

Max and the Knight (March ’13)


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