The Best Morning

It is Saturday morning; and it is a good one so far. The Knight is doing a training ride and he left early. “Early” was shortly after I came back to bed from a 4 am feeding, which lasted much longer than it should have. I am pretty sure that the little Thumper is teething.

He woke up for good around 7 ready to start the day. We nursed for a bit, and then Max crawled around the bed. When you’re 8 months old the dimmer switch for the lamp is a great toy. No need to actually use the switch. Just the little white box with a cord and a tiny red light is enough for amusement.

Tickling and belly raspberries followed this. I’ll do anything to get a laugh. It fills my heart to hear his laugh.

After we changed his diaper – which is easier said than done these days with a squirmy worm- it was breakfast time. While I prepped our food Max crawled around on the floor. He played his favorite kitchen toys: the empty coffee can and plastic container reserved just for this use. For extra giggles I gave him an ice cube to push around. We spare no expense on toys in this house.

Then we share a bowl of oatmeal. It is so neat sitting together and watching him “chew.” He is such a little man sometimes. Then I turn my head for a second and realize I probably should have seat-belted him in. Little monkey. Not only has he stood up inis high chair, but for the first time he has put one foot up on the counter. He is reaching for the oatmeal bowl. Guess I wasn’t fast enough with those bites.

We wind upon the dining room floor. Max has become a very fast crawler. I adore watching him crawl. He does it with such purpose and determination. I wind up sitting in the hallway while he explores. Max crawls into the bathroom and finds his rubber duck. He plays with it for a bit, always checking to see that I’m there. Then I start a little game of peekaboo. Never fails. Lots of smiles. Every now and then he stops what he is going to crawl over and touch me. He crawls up my legs and I pick him up and cover him with “kisses and hugs for Maxwell” until he squirms away to get back to his duck. We repeat this cycle a few times.

Finally, Max starts fussing, letting me know it is nap time. We don’t have a schedule. Max tells us when he is ready. The signs are clear. I put him down in the crib and he does the “I can’t believe you’re doing this to me” cry. It only last a minute or two and he is out. Now it is time for a mommy to get a much needed nap, too. It was a rough week, thanks to the above-mentioned teething.

Sleepy time. Ahhh. I can’t wait for him to wake up so we can do it all again.


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