Six Months

Oh how time flies.

In some ways, though, the past six months feel like an eternity. I had really great ideas about how I would keep up my blog, along with a dozen other lofty ambitions.  I write blog posts in my head when I should be sleeping. And then when I do get up, the day happens. There is always stuff to do. Plus that whole job thing. Yeah.

This whole mommying gig turns out to be a lot…different than I expected. Different in lots of ways: good, bad, hard. Not that I would trade it for anything. But WOW.

Although I haven’t have recorded  – in words – all of the wonderful moments of Max’s first six months, at least I have pictures. Lots and lots of pictures.

Max 6m

Random picture: Max in his Carrharts
January 2013 (5.5 months)

As I sit here and try to succinctly capture the past six months a wave of emotion rides over me. I can’t even begin to describe these emotions. Maybe it is hormones (oh, the hormones), but I find myself fighting back tears. I love that little guy more deeply than I could have understood before I came to know him. I am more in love with my husband than ever before and appreciate him so much.

Yet, the struggles are there. Most of which are probably normal new mom struggles. The past six months have been HARD. I think I’ve cried more over this period than maybe I have in the past 20 years put together. Heck, I think I cry more in a given week than I had in a ten-year period. But I survive. We survive.

Life has changed. That’s for sure. Some things are better, some things are more challenging, but everything is just different. A new normal. It takes some getting used to.

I have to say, it still seems a little surreal that I’m a mom. When I think about it, though, I am excited. And yes, overwhelmed. But happy. I love our little family and am looking forward to the future.

For the sake of posterity (what does that really mean, anyhow?) I am going to start writing about all things Max. And post some pictures. Stay tuned…


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