The Beginning

I really should be sleeping. It was a rough day today and the little guy finally went down. Instead, I will get started on Max’s birth story…

It was the morning of August 6 (i was due 8/9) and the Knight was driving me to the metro. Something felt, ummm, different. I felt…wet. Not soaked, just like I had started the heaviest period ever. When I got out of the car I noticed that my dress was damp. Ewww. So I did what any rational pregnant woman would do: I went to the bathroom to put in a pantiliner. Good thinking, right?

Since I got that all squared away I then went and got on a train and went to the office. I did call the knight to give him a heads up that something was amiss. I then called my midwife’s office and spoke to the head nurse. I described exactly what was going on…a steady but small flow of clear liquid. She told me not to worry and that it was my mucus plug (I won’t go into this, but it is a normal thing that happens before you give birth).

That didn’t sound right to me, but she insisted that it was normal and that it just meant that labor was imminent. Well, yeah…my due date was just 3 days away. Okay.

I suspected it was more than that, but hey, I was new to this. So I trusted her. I hung out at the office all day, changing pads every 20-30 minutes or so. I had no other symptoms other than this so I figured I might as well finish out the work day. Brilliant, huh?

To be continued…



Yikes! It has been a long time since I posted. I definitely miss blogging, but uh, something – or someone- has kept me pretty busy. I was very amused when a friend recently pointed out to me that when you go to my blog the first title you see is “Still with Child.” Oh heaven help us, thankfully that is not the case.

I think that most of you who read this blog are personal friends and therefore know that on August 8, we welcomed Baby Maxwell into the world. The past two months (+) have been nothing short of amazing. Amazing joy from being new parents, amazing love for our child, amazing support and friendship from the wonderful people in our lives. My heart is going to bust it is so full.

I am hoping this short post will help me gain a little momentum to resume writing. We love visitors so if you haven’t met Max yet, or even if you had, come on over. For now, I leave you with a some of my favorite pictures of our bundle of joy.