“Still with child”

As my boss put it when he saw me this morning, I am “still with child.” Yes, yes I am. Haha!

We are just nine days away from the due date. Single digits!

I am not disappointed that Lucky didn’t make his appearance yesterday. I’m happy to let him and the Knight have their own special days. Plus, the Knight and I had a nice time celebrating his birthday yesterday – just the two of us.

I now see what the Knight had been seeing. I’ve most definitely “dropped.” I see that my belly is lower than it was last week.

Predictably, I’m becoming steadily more uncomfortable – bladder pressure, belly tightness, pressure from baby body parts protruding out of my belly. As I told the Knight, this feels like it is only mile 18 of the marathon. I haven’t hit the wall and I can handle the aches and pains. I’m not feeling desperate to get to the finish line. I’m still taking in the sights and savoring the experience.

I’m still enjoying the anticipation of the little guy getting here and the final baby-less days. It feels like the days before vacation but WAY better. I like talking to the random strangers who ask me when I’m due. I am amused by the Knight’s observations about how huge my belly is.

These days I am all about all things cool (and sweet). I am loving ice cream and frozen yogurt. (Gelato, sorbet, and italian ice work, too.) Fruit, however, is probably the biggest part of my diet. When the Knight returned from the commissary with just one whole watermelon, I thought he’d lost his mind. We went through three, yes three whole watermelons, a bag of grapes, a bag of cherries, some apples and a few bananas the previous week. Never fear – we remedied the situation.

There are still a few spots open in the baby arrival date pool. Anyone want to dive in? There’s no charge (but you’re welcome to send me money if you want).

7/30 Oli
8/1 John L.
8/3 Bibiana
8/4 Michele T.
8/5 Es
8/6 Jess
8/7 Alisa
8/8 Rakelle
8/9 Priscilla
8/10 Karen
8/12 Emily S.
8/15 Jill K.
8/16 Zina

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jill K.
    Aug 02, 2012 @ 10:30:12

    How are you sleeping? That was my worst problem at the end.

    Can you change my entry to 8/14? That’s my birthday. Thanks.
    (Not that I want you to have to wait past your due date).


  2. Robyn
    Aug 06, 2012 @ 16:35:43

    I’m going with 8/11 since it’s exactly 9 months post my nephew’s arrival on 11/11/11.


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