Lucky Flipper

Lucky Thumper has a new name. As of last night I am calling him Lucky Flipper.

Holy cow!

I was sitting in a meeting yesterday when I felt an entirely new sensation in my belly. Instead of the usual jab or roll in one part of my belly, this time I felt it EVERYWHERE. Well, all over my belly. It was like he did a somersault. The movement was so significant that it startled me. My boss said she saw him moving. It was so cool!

And then he kept flipping around.

All. Day. Long.  And it was gradually getting a little less cool.

He was having a really good time with his new-found skill and it was starting to wear me out. I found myself wondering if there is a way to sedate babies in the womb. If sugar makes him move, what could I eat (or drink??) to get him to chill out a little bit.

If I walked or exercised he would calm down. It’s the same idea as driving the baby around in the car. The movement and motion are calming. But that doesn’t result in any rest for me – aka the driver. The second I sit or lay down I swear he’s back to practicing his flip turns. When the Knight got home he got to witness the excitement for himself.

It’s a bit better today. Don’t get me wrong. I think it is so cool that he is so active and strong, but oh my gosh! What am I in for with this one?

The Knight (whose given name is William) has told stories of how his mother would shout at him from downstairs, “Bill, be still!”  because as a boy his was always moving, tapping, or jumping around. I wish she were around so we could commiserate.

My friend EB told me that the activity should calm down soon because as he gets bigger he won’t be able to move around as much. We’ll see.

[Note: This post has no pictures. Do yourself a favor and don’t search Google Images for “flipper baby.”   Just trust me.]


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