Week 32

So, guess what. 32 weeks. About 8 months. 8 weeks to go. Can you believe it?

The little guy is around 3.75 pounds and 16.7 inches long. He’ll gain about a third to half of his birth weight in the next 7 weeks.

I’m big. Like really big. Cool beans!

And a little self-portrait from when I was stretching at the gym the other day:

The Latest

I had my OB appointment today. Everything’s great. No cause for concern at all, which makes me really grateful. Yeah, I’ve got some annoying pregnancy symptoms. I’ll survive. The Ironman/marathon training analogies come to mind a lot. I’m in the final stretch now.

My swelling comes and goes and I think it is downright FREAKY. Sometimes I don’t recognize myself. I really can’t believe how huge my feet and ankles can become.

How I’m Feeling?

Feeling good overall. The heartburn is my biggest issue. My nurse-midwife suggested I try Prilosec. The Zantac pretty much stopped helping after a few days and I am getting really close to not being able to tolerate Tums anymore.

Frankly, I never understood when I would hear stories about people going to the hospital thinking they were having a heart attack but it turned out to be heartburn. I think I’ve really only seen these stories on TV, but, you know…

Well, now I understand. Sometimes it feels like my chest is being crushed and sometimes it feels like my heart is malfunctioning. I don’t know how else to describe it.

Where are we on naming our little bundle of joy?

We are down to a list of three first names. You may remember that the last time I mentioned this we had a list of four names. Yeah, well, the two lists only have one name in common. Hahaha.

Every so often the Knight asks, “If he was born today, which name would you choose?” The one name that is common to both lists is usually what I choose and he agrees. Still, we haven’t committed to it. I think we’re enjoying the process.

Anything else?

Lucky Thumper is an active little guy, which I am attributing to his paternal genes. Some days it feels like he is constantly moving. The other day it felt like we were playing a little game and I think I moved his limb with my hand. Way cool! You can actually see the movement in my belly.

Last night I dreamed about his birth, but surprise – he was a SHE. So funny. I know these things can happen, but the sonographer was pretty certain that she saw “a little boy part.”

I guess that’s better than the dream last week where he was an elephant, and the doctors had to pin his ears to the table in order to vaccinate him. Ha! I’d like to say that the wacky dreams are a pregnancy thing, but I’ve always had bizarre dreams.

So, that’s the update. Life is good! I can’t believe how quickly time is passing.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rakelle
    Jun 15, 2012 @ 10:50:00

    You look beautiful!! Thanks for sharing your journey.


  2. Liz
    Jun 15, 2012 @ 11:00:34

    I know what you mean about heartburn! I had a bout of it for the first time last year and totally felt like I was having a heart attack! My cousin said it was just a party of getting old :(. Glad you’re going well!


  3. Colette
    Jun 15, 2012 @ 11:15:54

    Drinking a glass of milk really helped my heartburn. I, like you, never knew how bad heartburn could heart until I was pregnant with Ella. Love the pics! Keep them coming 🙂


  4. Bibiana
    Jun 16, 2012 @ 10:43:41

    If I didn’t KNOW you’re having a boy, I would still guess a boy, as you are carrying right out in front.

    Hope to see you soon, before David/Henry/Matthew (any of them right?) makes his appearance.


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