Lost and Found


I’m not sure exactly how to express this, other than there are some things that have gone missing lately and I’m hoping to find them soon.

The latest item to go missing: my ankles. Yes, my ankles.

On Sunday we were driving home when I had my foot crossed over my knee. That’s when I observed the following:

My ankle bone, which is normally totally visible, was nowhere to be seen.


I know. The horror. 🙂

Sure, swollen feet and the dreaded “kenkles” are to be expected in the third trimester. But already?

I’m only 28ish weeks (29 tomorrow).

Yup. My ankles are gone! Gone!

I suggested that on the way home we stop at the lake (our first beach visit this year) so I could feel the sand in my toes.

Secretly, I was hoping that a brief soak in the cool lake, in addition to feeling good, would help my ankles reappear.


The water and sand felt nice, but no such luck on the ankles coming back. In fact…

Then, last night, I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes when I looked down and saw this:

My foot last night. I can’t believe it. Did I get stung by a jellyfish? Nope. The marks you see are from my flip flop strap digging into my skin.

I have to say, normally I think I have pretty cute feet. They’re petite, well shaped, etc., etc. Even when I’ve had icky blisters from marathon training, I have always been proud of my feet.

I knew that feet could swell in pregnancy but I didn’t really expect THIS to happen to ME. And so soon! Yikes!!! I need to find a pair of shoes I can wear at work. The Tevas aren’t really cutting it. My dress shoes feel like they belong to someone else. Ouch!


On a related note, my hands are apparently swollen as well. My real rings don’t fit over my knuckle this week. Shocking, I know.

Good thing I planned ahead and bought that fake wedding ring set.

Earlier this week someone asked me if I was concerned about men hitting on me if I didn’t have my rings on. Ummm…no.

Actually, I have read that pregnant women who don’t have rings on their fingers have observed people giving them looks…as if they are being perceived as unwed moms-to-be. Ugh. Whatever.

I don’t really care about that. But I DO like jewelry. And I would feel weird without a wedding ring on my finger since I’m used to having rings on both of my hands pretty much whenever I’m out.

So I bought this at a deep discount:

Can anyone tell me when I’ll have my fingers and feet back?



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rakelle
    May 23, 2012 @ 18:53:39

    You’ll probably see you ankles again about 1 week postpartum. When you leave the hospital you’ll be swollen due to the IV liquids and weigh as much as you did prior to delivering the baby. I was totally shocked since I figured I would lose 10lbs instantly.


  2. Marisa
    May 23, 2012 @ 20:05:03

    Welcome to the wonderful world of warm weather pregnancy! When I was pregnant with Thomas (who was an early October baby) te only shoes that I could wear by September were my birkenstocks or my sneakers.


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