Another week, another update (28 weeks)

I really didn’t intend for this blog to become a pregnancy blog. Trust me, I didn’t. But that’s my life these days. The belly, the heartburn, the planning, and oh the excitement.

 Anyhow, 28 weeks is today’s milestone. Babycenter says the little guy is the size of a Chinese cabbage. Do they mean like bok choy? He is around two and a quarter pounds.


What the baby looks like inside my belly

Picture from


Me? I’m up less than a pound from last week, so I am just slightly over 20 pounds heavier at this point. That’s good.

The Latest

I look soooo pregnant. I love it. Just this morning I swear I felt a fist bulging out of my belly.

Yesterday, Auntie Lolo (as Laura referred to herself ) got to feel a kick for the first time. That was really neat. She’s in charge of the nursery and we picked a color for the walls (a nice, mellow turquoise).

I know I declared the end of running last week, but today I went out for a walk and I figured it wouldn’t hurt to do a little running. I did short 30 -60 second super slow jogging intervals and felt pretty good. I don’t know if I will do it again.

So, I tried to use my camera’s self timer to take some pictures of the baby belly. It didn’t go so well. Here are the best ones.

Let’s pretend I was going for a closeup


Now I’m showing off my great room (and my belated birthday gift – the lamp) 


 That’s better

How I’m feeling?

I’ll be honest. I’m not feeling so hot. I knew that the third trimester could be tough, but I seriously didn’t think that I would fall of the edge of a cliff practically the first day of the third trimester.

Heartburn has progressed from a dull burning to a crushing feeling in my chest while I (try to) sleep. Now, the onset of these symptoms did coincide with the Knight’s overseas travel. He says that he is going to make it all better when he gets home. I really hope so.

I do constantly remind myself that I am so happy to be pregnant, that this is temporary, and that it is totally worth it. And really, I think that it could be so much worse. But right now, I’m tired. Okay, I’m done complaining now.

What’s Next?

The Knight comes home tomorrow. Yay! We have a ridiculously busy weekend ahead, but it is all fun stuff.

I have an OB appointment next week. At this point I think my visits will be bi-weekly. I’m okay with that since I have a new system. I try to schedule appointments that allow me to stop by Pupatella (my favorite pizza spot) afterwards.

I’ll be back soon with a distinctly non-pregnancy, non-baby blog post. Stay tuned…



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  1. Caroline
    May 17, 2012 @ 20:53:05

    Ahhhh you are SO CUTE CAT!! Love the baby belly! Glad that things are going well (heartburn and other side effects aside). Let me know when you are free, I totally need another dinner/girl chat night with you!


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