It’s the Final Countdown!

Time Flies

I’m kind of in shock. You know how time can fly by but also go in slow motion at the same time? Yeah, it’s like that.

Today marks the start of my third trimester (depending on which calculation/website you follow). Woah! Lucky Thumper is due to arrive in a little less than 3 short months (8/9). Like many first time pregnant women I am both totally ready and utterly terrified. Fortunately, the excitement dominates the fear.

The little guy is now almost two pounds. BabyCenter compares him to a head of cauliflower. He is around 14.5 inches long. The other day I googled images of 27 week old babies. Wow! He is tiny but he really looks like a little human at this point.

How I’m Feeling

The past week has been mostly good. I swear the little guy was playing the air drums the other day. That was the first image that came to mind when I tried to envision what kind of motion would produce the beating on my side that I was feeling. It was surreal.

Overall I’m doing fine. I’m still resting pretty well and appreciating every hour of sleep I can get. I find that I have more bouts of fatigue these days. Walking across the street or up a flight of stairs can leave me taking a deep breath from the effort. While I’m sure that most of what I’m feeling is related to pregnancy, I can’t imagine regularly carrying around 20 extra pounds – which is how much I have gained as of now.

What’s Next?

Yesterday was my glucose screening. They make you drink 10 oz of sweet liquid (it was more like fruit punch than the syrupy gook I was expecting) and then test your blood to see how you’ve processed the sugar. It is how they determine whether they need to test you further for gestational diabetes. I’m waiting on those results. Other than that, I have a regular appointment the week after next for a checkup.

Pregnancy Fitness

On the fitness side of things, I think my running days may be temporarily over. About two weeks ago I had a run that just didn’t feel good. Although most of my pregnancy runs have been less than enjoyable, this time I just felt a lot of pressure in my pelvis and it was extremely difficult to keep moving. (Thanks, Deb, for sticking with me.)

Over the next 24 hours I had a lot of discomfort in my pelvic bone. It felt as if I had gone for a bike ride and leaned forward the entire time… while riding over rocks. Ouch. I found myself widening my stance as I walked, which resulted in the dreaded pregnancy waddle which I have vowed to avoid. I always thought that pregnant women waddled because of the extra weight. Now I know…

I spoke to my nurse-midwife and she wasn’t concerned. (If anyone is interested, she said it was symphysis pubis dysfunction, which is what I had guessed after consulting Dr. Google.) She said the baby was putting pressure on my pelvic bone and causing irritation. That makes sense.  She recommended alternating heat and ice.  Fortunately, the feeling subsided within a day. (I never did get around to icing my crotch.)

I ran (slowly) a couple of times after that and was relieved that I felt fine. However, my last two runs have left me tired and achy. I’ve tried decreasing the length of my running intervals and making sure I’m running super slow. But I think it might be time to call it. I’ve gotten to the point where rather than feeling better after a run, I feel worse.

I know I need to get back in the pool. I just, well, I just don’t want to. I don’t want to get up early and I don’t want to use up my precious evening time to swim. For now, I’m sticking with the elliptical and weight lifting. Maybe I’ll get back to spinning, too.

Counting Down

Three months seems like plenty of time to get everything done and at the same time not nearly enough time. I am doing my best to savor the pre-baby days – appreciating every opportunity to sleep late and spontaneously accept invitations for dinner.

I’m really excited for the various milestones that I get to enjoy in the coming months…like the baby shower fun. It’s a great time in our lives and I am enjoying it as much as I can.

 Thanks for reading! I’ll be back soon.


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