Quick Update – 29 weeks

We’re now at 29 weeks! 11 weeks until the due date (and 8 until the baby is considered “full term”).

It is butternut squash week. All is well on the baby front.

I think the womb conditions are getting kind of cramped…this week I sensed more stretching out and a little less kicking. I feel like Lucky Thumper is doing yoga or something. Lots of pushing (versus kicking) going on. It is an interesting sensation.

My instinct is to try to push back and shove his little hands and feet back in. For what it’s worth, it doesn’t seem to do much good. He doesn’t listen to reason either.

As those of you who are friends with me on Facebook might have seen, I got some major relief from the oppressive heartburn by taking Zantac this week. What a blessing! It hasn’t totally resolved all of the heartburn, but it is much, much better. My friend Jill had suggested it my doctor made the same suggestion (saying she had two Zantac/Pepcid babies herself). Well, okay then.

The medical visit went well. Everything looks great. My blood pressure was 92/66. These nurses…they take my BP and say, “It’s normal.” I want to respond, “No, it’s not. It’s freakin’ awesome! 92/66 is excellent. How about some credit??” 🙂

This week the OB listened to the heartbeat (sounded great!) and measured my belly. With a tape measure. From my, uh, pubic area to my chest.  I was too busy talking about other stuff to ask about it.

I did ask about the baby’s position. I told the OB that I was trying to guess what limbs I was feeling. She thought I had guessed right that the baby is currently head down, with his little butt hitting a bit below my breast bone. So, he’s facing my spine.

Meanwhile, between the Teva flip-flops (hey, they’re wedges) that I’ve started wearing at work because of my swollen feet and my increasingly casual work wardrobe, I have visions of walking around the office in my nightgown and slippers pretty soon.

Earlier today I sent my boss an email that explained that I need a “reasonable accommodation”

Something that involves a lounge chair (or a recliner). Maybe a masseuse. Good thing your door is closed or I would come in and show you my feet again. They’re HUGE!

We’re heading to Blacksburg this weekend so the night can complete “Mountains of Misery” ride on Sunday. 104 miles of biking and 10,000 feet of climbing! Yikes. Personally, I don’t get the appeal. I’ve never been a strong climber. But he is looking forward to it. I promised not to cry this year (like I did when I saw him appear near the finish line last time).

From the race website:

Don’t worry — or maybe, worry — the route finishes with the 5 kilometer, Category 1 climb to Mountain Lake, with an average grade of 11.9%, and sections up to 16%!

Mountains of Misery Century Elevation Profile

Elevation profile

I hope you all have fun plans that don’t involve the word “misery” or being miserable.  Stay cool!


Revised Ebates Link

I was just informed that the ebates link I posted the other day might not work. If you’re interested in signing up, try this link:

<a href=’http://www.ebates.com/rf.do?referrerid=JXLpqoULB2OuavBGIXQmog%3D%3D&#8217; target=’_blank’><img src=’http://www.ebates.com/referral/2010/taf-dashboard/images/ebates_logo.png&#8217; height=’31’ width=’171′ border=’0′ /></a>
Please let me know if this doesn’t work. Thanks!
Edited to add: It appears the link is being blocked. I’ve contacted WordPress to appeal this. In the meantime, please leave a comment or send me an email if you want the link. Thanks.

Lost and Found


I’m not sure exactly how to express this, other than there are some things that have gone missing lately and I’m hoping to find them soon.

The latest item to go missing: my ankles. Yes, my ankles.

On Sunday we were driving home when I had my foot crossed over my knee. That’s when I observed the following:

My ankle bone, which is normally totally visible, was nowhere to be seen.


I know. The horror. 🙂

Sure, swollen feet and the dreaded “kenkles” are to be expected in the third trimester. But already?

I’m only 28ish weeks (29 tomorrow).

Yup. My ankles are gone! Gone!

I suggested that on the way home we stop at the lake (our first beach visit this year) so I could feel the sand in my toes.

Secretly, I was hoping that a brief soak in the cool lake, in addition to feeling good, would help my ankles reappear.


The water and sand felt nice, but no such luck on the ankles coming back. In fact…

Then, last night, I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes when I looked down and saw this:

My foot last night. I can’t believe it. Did I get stung by a jellyfish? Nope. The marks you see are from my flip flop strap digging into my skin.

I have to say, normally I think I have pretty cute feet. They’re petite, well shaped, etc., etc. Even when I’ve had icky blisters from marathon training, I have always been proud of my feet.

I knew that feet could swell in pregnancy but I didn’t really expect THIS to happen to ME. And so soon! Yikes!!! I need to find a pair of shoes I can wear at work. The Tevas aren’t really cutting it. My dress shoes feel like they belong to someone else. Ouch!


On a related note, my hands are apparently swollen as well. My real rings don’t fit over my knuckle this week. Shocking, I know.

Good thing I planned ahead and bought that fake wedding ring set.

Earlier this week someone asked me if I was concerned about men hitting on me if I didn’t have my rings on. Ummm…no.

Actually, I have read that pregnant women who don’t have rings on their fingers have observed people giving them looks…as if they are being perceived as unwed moms-to-be. Ugh. Whatever.

I don’t really care about that. But I DO like jewelry. And I would feel weird without a wedding ring on my finger since I’m used to having rings on both of my hands pretty much whenever I’m out.

So I bought this at a deep discount:

Can anyone tell me when I’ll have my fingers and feet back?


Online Deals (Top Pick: Ebates)

I’ve been meaning to write this post forEVER. Well, really for a few months. I wanted to profile my favorite ways to get online deals. But you all know about Groupon, LivingSocial, etc. Right? That’s old news.

Who doesn’t love getting a good deal? My dad was a deal guy. Actually, he was kind of ridiculous and my whole childhood I vowed not to be like him. He bargained for everything, clipped coupons obsessively, and would drive around to several different supermarkets every week to take advantage of sales. Hey wasn’t “extreme couponing” bad though.

My sister and I lament that we couldn’t go to McDonald’s without a coupon, but he would happily go to the upscale steakhouse across the street because he had a coupon. It didn’t matter that the price of the meal was many times the cost of McDonald’s sans coupon. Nope. He just refused to pay full price for anything.

I’m not that bad. Really. We actually rarely use coupons at the supermarket (commissary). I determined a long time ago that it wasn’t worth my time to clip coupons.  Most of our purchases are fresh food anyhow, for which coupons rarely apply.

However, I am big into deals when it comes to online shopping.  I think I do pretty well in that arena.


 My biggest and best tip is that you should sign up for Ebates. Now.  I’m pretty surprised that more people don’t know about or use this site.

Signing up and everything about this site is free to you. FREE!

The way it works is that before you make an online purchase you go to Ebates.com, find the store you’re going to purchase from, and click through their link. They also list a lot of available coupons here for extra savings.

It sounds too easy, right? I know. There has to be a catch. But guess what. There isn’t.

I’ve been using ebates since 2006, as my user page tells me. The page also tells me that in the 6 years I’ve been using it, I have received $583 worth of rebates. For real, people!!!

Now, I’ve done a lot of online shopping, but nothing extraordinary. Last week I received one of my quarterly checks. It was for $37.35. I clicked through ebates before I bought our kitchen sink on Overstock.com (3% cash back), a couple of small groupons (3% cash back), protein powder from the Vitamin Shoppe (4% cash back), and before I ordered from Drugstore.com (6% cash back). And that’s just the past few months.

Looking at my history, I’ve received 1-6% back on purchases from Orbitz, the Apple Store, REI, Uncommon Goods, Ann Taylor, and Sephora, eBags, Avon, Macy’s to name a few. Pretty much most sites (except for my favorite online shopping site: Amazon).

The rebate amounts vary. They often run specials where they offer double or extra cash back. They’re doing that now for the holiday weekend. Some stores are offering 13% cash back. It really is great deal that costs you nothing. They email you occasionally, but hey, it is worth it.

If you’re interested in clicking through my link here, I get a small referral bonus. But that’s not why I’m telling you about this. I’m as skeptical as it comes when it comes to these kinds of things but I promise you, as long as you remember to go to ebates before you checkout online, you’ll be a happy camper.

I would also love to hear from you about your best deals.

Another week, another update (28 weeks)

I really didn’t intend for this blog to become a pregnancy blog. Trust me, I didn’t. But that’s my life these days. The belly, the heartburn, the planning, and oh the excitement.

 Anyhow, 28 weeks is today’s milestone. Babycenter says the little guy is the size of a Chinese cabbage. Do they mean like bok choy? He is around two and a quarter pounds.

Credit: Babycenter.com

What the baby looks like inside my belly

Picture from Babycenter.com


Me? I’m up less than a pound from last week, so I am just slightly over 20 pounds heavier at this point. That’s good.

The Latest

I look soooo pregnant. I love it. Just this morning I swear I felt a fist bulging out of my belly.

Yesterday, Auntie Lolo (as Laura referred to herself ) got to feel a kick for the first time. That was really neat. She’s in charge of the nursery and we picked a color for the walls (a nice, mellow turquoise).

I know I declared the end of running last week, but today I went out for a walk and I figured it wouldn’t hurt to do a little running. I did short 30 -60 second super slow jogging intervals and felt pretty good. I don’t know if I will do it again.

So, I tried to use my camera’s self timer to take some pictures of the baby belly. It didn’t go so well. Here are the best ones.

Let’s pretend I was going for a closeup


Now I’m showing off my great room (and my belated birthday gift – the lamp) 


 That’s better

How I’m feeling?

I’ll be honest. I’m not feeling so hot. I knew that the third trimester could be tough, but I seriously didn’t think that I would fall of the edge of a cliff practically the first day of the third trimester.

Heartburn has progressed from a dull burning to a crushing feeling in my chest while I (try to) sleep. Now, the onset of these symptoms did coincide with the Knight’s overseas travel. He says that he is going to make it all better when he gets home. I really hope so.

I do constantly remind myself that I am so happy to be pregnant, that this is temporary, and that it is totally worth it. And really, I think that it could be so much worse. But right now, I’m tired. Okay, I’m done complaining now.

What’s Next?

The Knight comes home tomorrow. Yay! We have a ridiculously busy weekend ahead, but it is all fun stuff.

I have an OB appointment next week. At this point I think my visits will be bi-weekly. I’m okay with that since I have a new system. I try to schedule appointments that allow me to stop by Pupatella (my favorite pizza spot) afterwards.

I’ll be back soon with a distinctly non-pregnancy, non-baby blog post. Stay tuned…



My adorable husband invented a new word last week: Pregnones.

Pregnancy + hormones = pregnones.

I actually think it is pretty hilarious. While I generally hate it when people, mostly male, blame anything on hormones or PMS, I can’t deny that I’ve got them – the pregnones. 

Now, it may be that I’m just sad that the Knight is away (he is traveling for work for 8 days). But I admit that my metal state is not, well, normal. Yes, I miss him, but my emotions just get carried away and next thing I know I’m a crying mess. That’s not me – at least not usually.

So, chalk it up to the pregnones, I guess. I can accept that there are some things that I can’t control. At this time, my hormone level is one of them.

In other news, I heard this morning that my glucose test result came back normal. Yippee! I’m so excited that 1) I don’t have gestational diabetes; and 2) I don’t have to endure the 3-hour glucose test. Yay!


It’s the Final Countdown!

Time Flies

I’m kind of in shock. You know how time can fly by but also go in slow motion at the same time? Yeah, it’s like that.

Today marks the start of my third trimester (depending on which calculation/website you follow). Woah! Lucky Thumper is due to arrive in a little less than 3 short months (8/9). Like many first time pregnant women I am both totally ready and utterly terrified. Fortunately, the excitement dominates the fear.

The little guy is now almost two pounds. BabyCenter compares him to a head of cauliflower. He is around 14.5 inches long. The other day I googled images of 27 week old babies. Wow! He is tiny but he really looks like a little human at this point.

How I’m Feeling

The past week has been mostly good. I swear the little guy was playing the air drums the other day. That was the first image that came to mind when I tried to envision what kind of motion would produce the beating on my side that I was feeling. It was surreal.

Overall I’m doing fine. I’m still resting pretty well and appreciating every hour of sleep I can get. I find that I have more bouts of fatigue these days. Walking across the street or up a flight of stairs can leave me taking a deep breath from the effort. While I’m sure that most of what I’m feeling is related to pregnancy, I can’t imagine regularly carrying around 20 extra pounds – which is how much I have gained as of now.

What’s Next?

Yesterday was my glucose screening. They make you drink 10 oz of sweet liquid (it was more like fruit punch than the syrupy gook I was expecting) and then test your blood to see how you’ve processed the sugar. It is how they determine whether they need to test you further for gestational diabetes. I’m waiting on those results. Other than that, I have a regular appointment the week after next for a checkup.

Pregnancy Fitness

On the fitness side of things, I think my running days may be temporarily over. About two weeks ago I had a run that just didn’t feel good. Although most of my pregnancy runs have been less than enjoyable, this time I just felt a lot of pressure in my pelvis and it was extremely difficult to keep moving. (Thanks, Deb, for sticking with me.)

Over the next 24 hours I had a lot of discomfort in my pelvic bone. It felt as if I had gone for a bike ride and leaned forward the entire time… while riding over rocks. Ouch. I found myself widening my stance as I walked, which resulted in the dreaded pregnancy waddle which I have vowed to avoid. I always thought that pregnant women waddled because of the extra weight. Now I know…

I spoke to my nurse-midwife and she wasn’t concerned. (If anyone is interested, she said it was symphysis pubis dysfunction, which is what I had guessed after consulting Dr. Google.) She said the baby was putting pressure on my pelvic bone and causing irritation. That makes sense.  She recommended alternating heat and ice.  Fortunately, the feeling subsided within a day. (I never did get around to icing my crotch.)

I ran (slowly) a couple of times after that and was relieved that I felt fine. However, my last two runs have left me tired and achy. I’ve tried decreasing the length of my running intervals and making sure I’m running super slow. But I think it might be time to call it. I’ve gotten to the point where rather than feeling better after a run, I feel worse.

I know I need to get back in the pool. I just, well, I just don’t want to. I don’t want to get up early and I don’t want to use up my precious evening time to swim. For now, I’m sticking with the elliptical and weight lifting. Maybe I’ll get back to spinning, too.

Counting Down

Three months seems like plenty of time to get everything done and at the same time not nearly enough time. I am doing my best to savor the pre-baby days – appreciating every opportunity to sleep late and spontaneously accept invitations for dinner.

I’m really excited for the various milestones that I get to enjoy in the coming months…like the baby shower fun. It’s a great time in our lives and I am enjoying it as much as I can.

 Thanks for reading! I’ll be back soon.

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