Quick Week 21 Update

Welcome to week 21! We’re about midway through the second trimester and for the past 2 weeks I have felt better than I have since the beginning of this pregnancy. Yay for that!

Sleep had been pretty good for a while but this week was dicey. Pregnancy is a roller coaster, for sure. Heartburn has intensified, but it is manageable. No puking for a few weeks – hooray. Even my piriformis has been better the past couple of days. I am cherish all of this.

Guess what. Another pregnancy first yesterday. On the metro yesterday a woman offered me her seat. How nice! I was touching my belly and she must have been able to tell I am preggers. I actually really wanted to sit. But my darn stubborn, independent side caused me to decline the offer. What the heck? I must learn to accept help, including nice offers like this. Something for me to work on.

This week I had a regular monthly appointment with Karen, the nurse-midwife. Everything looked perfect. At one point she said that I had a nice little belly coming in. So I did what any woman, pregnant or not, would do and started over-thinking her comment.

Is my belly too big? Am I gaining too much weight? What did she *really* mean by that? On the way out I felt compelled to ask and she assured me that everything was just fine and I am right on track for my weight gain.

Speaking of weight gain, it is really ramping up. I have gained 2.5 pounds since last week, bringing my total pregnancy weight gain to date to about 13 pounds. During my swim on Wednesday I had a light bulb moment. Is it possible that my sudden increase rate of weight gain is related to my renewed interest in sweets? Hmmmmm. I am pretty sure that’s a yes.

Honestly, I don’t think I’ve been overdoing it, well, except for the two donuts I had last Friday. If it makes a difference, one was in the morning, and the second one was in the late afternoon. Because, you know, the donuts were just sitting there in the office, calling me. And I had a green smoothie for breakfast and ate my serving of cottage cheese (before the first donut). 🙂

That’s all for the weekly update. In case you’re wondering, my mom is doing much, much better. Last night we surprised her and thanks to my friend S who loaned me her home Doppler unit, Mom and Laura got to hear the little Olive’s heartbeat. I knew they’d like that but I had no idea how MUCH they’d enjoy it. It was really great!




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