Pregnancy First

I swam this morning. But that’s not the first that the title references, although it is newsworthy. It WAS my first swim for the month of March. I swam once in February. I’m going to aim to at least double that in April. Hahaha!

While I was getting ready an older lady started talking to me. She asked if I swam there every day. Uh, no. Not quite. I mentioned that I was pregnant and the stream of typical pregnancy questions ensued. She asked me if I was going to continue working and when I said yes she gave me the “Oh” response in a somewhat judgmental and I-am-so-sorry-for-you tone.  Ha!

Honestly, my first thought was, oh, this is funny – I can’t wait to post about this on my blog. My second thought, well, that’s just the way it is. I’m glad that this didn’t bother me, as I am sure this is going to be the first of many, many unsolicited opinions, looks, judgments, etc., I get as a mom. I hope I continue to not let these things affect me.

Oh, and as it turns out, the lady doesn’t have kids herself. But she did tell me that now is a really good time to have children. You know, because of the availability of many day care options. Good to know, lady. Thanks!


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