Funny Things

I often find myself laughing about something and wanting to share the joy. What better a place than here on my blog. Right?

For starters, I came across this little funny which describes how I often feel. I really don’t expect everyone I know to keep up with this blog, but sometimes I feel like I’m being redundant by talking about things I’ve written about.

Other funniness has to do with the reaction that I got to my cheering outfit on Saturday. I decided it was time to step up the costume. The old tutu was due for retirement. I found some good stuff on Amazon and wound up with this glorious combination:

I love this picture that our teammate posted of me greeting the Knight around mile 1.

I seriously want to wear the legwarmers to work.

Anyhow, I think the funniest thing that happened was the guy who tried to pick me up when I was walking from the metro.  He was just a guy hanging around the neighborhood and he probably had no idea about the marathon going on nearby (hence, no idea why I would be walking around dressed like that.) I mean, really? Is this what guys think is hot? He really cracked me up. When I declined to give him my number he told me he’d probably see me around. Yeah right, buddy.

Then a lady – who was not on H St, NE for anything to do with the race – was walking along on the phone and I heard her say “Ummm, I’m going to need to call you back. I need to take a picture.” Hahaha! I guess I was quite a spectacle.

She took my picture and then a guy from the Washington Post stopped and photographed me too. He asked me a bunch of questions including my age. It wasn’t until after he walked away that I realized that I answered WRONG. I totally forgot that it was my birthday and that I was no longer 36. Oops! It was a fun day!

Finally, I want to share what I just saw in my blog’s “statistics” section. There’s a part that tells you what search terms people have entered to land on the blog. Some of them make perfect sense but others really make me wonder… What exactly was the person looking for who typed “Shamrock Boobs.” Maybe I don’t want to know….

2012-03-14 to Today

Search Views
pregnancy weeks weight gain 2
belly weeks 2
pregnant gained lbs 2
inside pantyhose 2
shamrock boobs 1
“weight gain challenge” 1
“how to cook everything” app 1
sonogram at 7 weeks 1
11 weeks of pregnancy pictures 1
stone fruits 1
america test kitchen pad thai recipe 1
being cat 1
Unknown search terms 2

Hope you’re all having a great week! Thanks for all of the enthusiasm over our baby boy news.



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