Sweeeet! (Week 18 Update)

It is pregnancy week 18 and it is sweet potato week. I was commenting to the Knight that a sweet potato isn’t that big and he invited me to go look at one of the sweet potatoes which happened to be in our kitchen. You know…they are kind of big. Official Photographer Janene commented that I “popped” this week and I think she’s right.  I like it! I think I might actually be starting to look pregnant. For real! Unfortunately, the weight challenge picture below has me in a slimming black shirt and pants, so you can’t really tell. But wait…

My new dress!

My sweet sister Laura surprised me this week by acting as my personal shopper and delivering to me two carefully selected dresses she thought I needed.  I’ve always said that Laura is extremely talented, and one way she always impresses me is her ability to help other people pick out clothes.

Now, lots of people can help friends find clothes that they like for themselves. But I think Laura is especially talented because she can work with someone who has a totally different style than she does and she can find something that works for them that remains true to their style.

Laura and I definitely have different styles. I’d say I’m more Ann Taylor and she’s more BCBG. There have been multiple instances where Laura has picked something for me and I have thought, “No way.” But most of the time, she turns out to be right. It might not necessarily be something I would have picked, but it turns out to be great for me. [As a side note, she is also happy to tell me when something I pick doesn’t work. She once cracked me up when she told me that the strapless dress I tried on made me look like a linebacker.]

When I got home I told the Knight that the dresses she picked are not what I would have even looked at for myself, but I was keeping an open mind because most of the time Laura knows best. Well, about clothes. 🙂

You know what…it was perfect! First of all, it was super comfortable. But guess what – it also looked pretty damn good. In fact, not only did I receive an enthusiastic “Yeah!” from the Knight and compliments from a couple coworkers, but some random lady I passed leaving the gym even said, “Nice dress!” Ha!

I think I am going to wear it every other day. It is not maternity, but Laura thinks it will work for my growing belly.

So, here’s the picture of that, where you can better see my budding sweet potato.

The Latest

In addition to looking pregnant, I think I am starting to actually *feel* pregnant. In other words, I am much more aware of the life growing inside of me. I can sense that stuff is going on down there and there is a tension in my growing belly. It is different from what I expected. It is kind of strange and can best be compared to feeling gassy and have a distended belly.

On a different note, after an uncertain start, my snoogle and I have bonded. It is like a big body pillow but with curves at the top and the bottom (see below). I now find it very comfortable to sleep with and am hopeful that it will be a big help as I get larger. Thank goodness for our king size bed.


How I’m Feeling

Still feeling pretty good. I am still experiencing my share of the same symptoms: post-nasal drip and the consequential vomiting, indigestion, insomnia, occasional nausea, etc., Nothing major, though.

What’s next?

Eleven days until the big ultrasound and I can’t wait. Coincidentally, my mom will be visiting, so I’m working on a plan to surprise her and allow her to attend the ultrasound with us.

The Weight Challenge

To be honest, I’m not sure how Joe’s profile compares to last week. I’ll let you decide. As for me, I definitely see a difference – at least in the mirror. Here’s the latest:

So, that’s the week. Thanks for reading!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jill K.
    Mar 08, 2012 @ 20:23:04

    There’s some week in the 30’s or so where they will give you cucumber. It goes from watermelon to cucumber or something crazy like that.

    I just wanted to warn you about that.

    You look great. Have you felt kicks yet?


    • Catharine
      Mar 09, 2012 @ 10:03:32

      Haha! I think I saw there is a banana at some point. Ay yay yay.

      Thanks for the compliment. I think I’ve felt some kicking action. It is hard to tell at this point.

      I loved your spaghetti night picture. Hoping that will be my life in the near future 🙂


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