Weight Challenge Update

As I mentioned yesterday, my weight is holding steady. I’m getting about 4-5 moderate workouts per week, and trying to balance cardio, stretching and weights. I am really happy about how things are going.

Joe, despite his disclaimers about last weekend, is doing great. I think you’ll see that he is slimming down. He is doing a good job of eating well and exercising. He is also really getting into his celebrity status on this blog and has big plans for future blog pictures. I think he is practicing future poses. But for now, he is taking this very seriously and insists that we must be perfectly consistent in our pictures. No, he won’t smile. Yes, he will continue wearing only white shirts for picture day. His tie must go over his shoulder and he must look straight ahead. Okay, boss! 🙂

Check it out! (It is too bad you can’t see my cute shoes. But I guess that’s not what these pics are about…)

Week 5(ish)

I am so excited about this! Go, Joe! I see him every day but when I look at the pcitures the progress is very apparent.

On a related note, does anyone have suggestions for how I can do a slide show or side-by-side comparison? I am not really familiar with the photo editors out there, so your help would be most appreciated.

As a bonus, I feel like sharing a picture that will probably get me in hot water. Just so you know, Joe does have a good sense of humor. See what happened when he lost a bet? It had something to do with Clemson losing a game and a very small t-shirt.

Have a terrific weekend!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Bobbie
    Feb 13, 2012 @ 22:12:54

    I love watching people working towards their goals! Sounds like you two are on the right track! Congratulations and keep it up!


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