My Sunday Morning Scare

Let’s put this post in the category of a public service announcement. Because, despite the books I have read, I had no idea that you could go through what I am going through and it could be fine.

This morning I woke up having what I am guessing is not an uncommon pregnant woman’s nightmare. I was dreaming I was losing the baby. When I woke up I realized that my pajamas were wet so I figured I was having a bit of discharge or something.

I got out of bed and went to the bathroom and panicked when I saw blood – and quite a bit of it – in the toilet. The Knight had already left to go to the team ride. I called the Shady Grove emergency line and was promised a call back.

I reached the Knight and couldn’t help but sob uncontrollably as I told him I thought I was miscarrying. (He came straight home.)

I finally heard from a nurse at SG. She asked me a bunch of questions. Since I was not soaking a pad per hour or cramping, she seemed unconcerned. Well, not unconcerned, but not alarmed. She told me that 30% of women bleed in the first trimester.

Really?!? Could someone have told me about this? How did I not know about this phenomenon?

No wonder there are women who don’t know they are pregnant. This bleeding, which is still happening, is as heavy as any normal period. If I hadn’t just seen the heartbeat on Friday I don’t think I would believe I am really pregnant.

So, here’s what I think may have caused it. The nurse listed a bunch of possible causes and one kind of rang a bell. When she said [cough] long distance walking [cough] I suspected that we might have identified the culprit.

Ummm, yesterday was the day of the Team in Training Lousy Medal Virtual 5k. Run Faster Mommy had this clever fundraising idea where you donated to TnT and promised to run (or walk) a 5k on 12/17. And then they send you a medal. Sounds good, right? You know I love medals.

I woke up yesterday exhausted and debated for over an hour about whether I should stay in bed or get up and go walk in the cold. I finally decided that I would feel better mentally and physically if I just did it.

So I got out there and walked at a very leisurely pace. The first 30 minutes or so were good. It felt great to be alive and I was enjoying being out and about. But then, at about the 2 mile mark, I felt like I was at the end of a 20 mile run. I was just totally exhausted. I made it home and quit at 2.91 miles (in 51 minutes). I walked in the door and laid down on the floor.

No need to say I told you so. I learned my lesson. While I will never consider 3 miles to be a long distance, it was obviously more than I should have done. I am hoping that I have correctly identified the cause and that the pregnancy will go smoothly from this point forward.

The lessons we learned today:

1) bleeding in the first trimester, which isn’t accompanied by passing tissue or cramping, does not necessarily mean miscarriage (but please call your doctor anyhow);

2) if your body tells you for over and hour that it doesn’t want to do something, and you’re pregnant, listen to it;

3) pregnancy is scary.

I vow to take it even easier from this point forward. In fact, I am going to chill the rest of the day and let the Knight cater to me. I need some bon bons..


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Holly Shoemaker
    Dec 18, 2011 @ 17:40:03

    Healthy pregnancy trumps Bling, Cat! So sorry you had such a scare but glad you seem to be doing better now.


    • Catharine
      Dec 20, 2011 @ 13:01:34

      You are so sweet, Holly. You’re right. My the promise of a medal is so compelling… 🙂 Hopefully they’ll count my 2.91 miles + Oli’s 6.5 as worthy of 2 medals. When Oli got home he told me he ran my 3.1 first and then his 3.1 slower. Haha!


  2. Jill K.
    Dec 20, 2011 @ 17:38:58

    Pregnancy is super scary. I hope you’re feeling better now.


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