When will it feel real?

When will it feel real?

Physically, I feel pregnant. Whatever that means. This morning when my feline furbaby crawled over me in bed I yelped in pain as he made his paw touched my chest. Even walking makes me aware of the tender state of my breasts. And quite frankly, since it is my most prominent symptom, it makes me pretty happy. I also feel very fortunate that I don’t have any worse symptoms at this point.

Even though I do feel pregnant, it just seems very surreal to me and I don’t really believe that I’m pregnant. Call it self-protective denial or just silliness. I was on the metro and I had a thought that started with “When I am pregnant….” Then I realized, oh yeah, I AM pregnant. But then I think, well, not really. No, not me. I just have an embryo in me. Maybe in the future I’ll be pregnant, but right now I am not really pregnant.

Perhaps it will seem more real to me when we decide to tell people (well, other than you my wonderful readers). Maybe when we reach the second trimester. Or when I have a nice little baby bump. Maybe if I start having morning sickness. Or maybe when I go into labor…we’ll see.

The Latest:

I’m feeling really good overall. I’m battling a tiny little cold but I am winning. My theory is that my immune system isn’t at full capacity given my lack of exercise – and oh yeah, and that pregnancy thing. I really believe that regular exercise is an important part of a routine that keeps you healthy. I haven’t done any cardio since last Tuesday, but today I went to yoga. I just don’t want to chance stressing my body right now.

Other than that and the aforementioned achy boobs, I feel great. I’m noticing two other unusual symptoms:

1)      Itchy boobs. Seriously. I never heard of this before but on Sunday I jokingly asked the Knight to take me to the hospital to have my breast removed. Ha! It was making me insane! It only itches occasionally but when it does it is really itchy.  

2)      Tummy discomfort. It is really funny to me how this works. I had the same issue with my last pregnancy. I’ll be sitting at my desk and I’ll start feeling cramps. But they’re not like menstrual cramps. Initially I will think that I’m ill. But I’ve learned that this usually just means I need to go to the bathroom. One quick trip to the ladies room later and all is fine again. It is interesting to me that my body’s way of telling me that I need to go has changed. It is like bladder pressure times ten. And it isn’t like a have a baby putting pressure on things. Right now the embryo is the size of a pea

Source: Creature Gorgeous


 What’s next:

Is it Friday yet? We are anxiously waiting for Friday to come so we can have the first ultrasound. I’m not really clear on what we’ll get to see here. I’ve read that sometimes you can see the heartbeat at 6 weeks and sometimes not. If not, it isn’t a huge deal. It doesn’t mean that anything is wrong. My recollection is that last time I think we saw two heartbeats but didn’t get a count. Whatever it is, I will share the news.

By the way:

I have a prediction. I’ve been googling way more than I should and I’ve read some things that make me think that there’s a little girl growing in there. Call me crazy, but that’s my prediction. Also, the Knight said he dreamt it is a girl. So there you go! You can’t get more scientific than that at this point.


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