Would you pay for this?

According to DCist (h/t Young & Hungry), Elisir, a local restaurant is charging 29 cents per person for unlimited bottled or filtered (it is unclear which) water.

Source: Filters Fast

I’ll admit, there are some things I’m cheap about and for the most part, water is one of them. Now, we have a whole-house water filtration system at home and I generally avoid drinking tap water. I do pay the monthly fee to belong to the office water club (we government workers have to pay for our own bottled water delivery).

However, I am stingy when I go to restaurants and usually go with regular old tap water because I don’t want to pay $5 or so for a bottle.    

According to the article,

“The city water in D.C. is notoriously bad and in deference to our guests’ health we don’t want to offer “Chateau Potomac”. If people insist, we will of course oblige them with tap water, but we feel that bottomless sparkling or still bottled water for .29C is more than fair.”

Intruiging…. What do you think? Go for the gusto or stick with the tap? Or do you just avoid the issue and drink wine instead? 🙂


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  1. Liz
    Nov 29, 2011 @ 10:29:23

    I think if I had a specific health concern, I might pay for it, but otherwise probably not. Truth be told, I usually order another beverage that I don’t drink that much water anyway.


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